The Hunters United Against Poaching Trust proudly originated on the third day of September 2015. It reciprocated as any true African legend, across the smoke of the campfire on a dusty evening in the East Caprivi after the end of a long hunting season, defenselessly facing the struggle to conserve and protect Africa’s riches resources.

The rapid incline of reported and the devastation of confronting poached wildlife carcases across the country of Namibia started to brew a desire in the hearts of the Big Game Committee of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association to take action. They collaborated in desperation to seek some form of resolution to contribute as Professional Hunters to the fight against poaching. Their goal set on wildlife conservation, to implement and establish anti-poaching structures for the protection of all wildlife in the Republic of Namibia.

On the third day of September 2015, the Big Game Committee hosted an International anti poaching live auction fundraising formal gala dinner at the Country Club in Windhoek.

Sponsorships were gathered and sought across Namibia. Panic elevated as tux and bow ties were desperately tracked. The dust and smoke of the veld were scrubbed away to prepare for the formal dinner and live auction, which saw the beginning of a long endeavoured fight to seek the end of poaching and illegal trade of wildlife across this diverse and extended land.

The HUAP Trust stands in great gratitude to all Professional Hunters across Namibia who saw the need and came forth to unite and support this initiative.

Generous support was shown, as five big game hunts, thirteen plains game hunts and eleven biltong hunts were openhandedly donated to this significant cause. In addition, Krieghoff sponsored a 300. Winchester Magnum rifle, hunting artefacts were sponsored, and handmade gold jewellery donated by Martha Louw, saw the auction value increase to N$1, 987 020.00 Namibian dollars.

Exceptional organisation by Gloudie Knipe from Events Unlimited, and brilliant auctioneer skills by Alex McDonald from NamAgri enhanced the success and generosity of all Namibian elites and International investors, who united to congregate and donate an extraordinary N$2, 700 000.00 Namibian dollars.

The HUAP Trust was established to secure the funds raised and is strictly managed by members and executives of the Namibian Professional Hunting Association, the NAPHA Big Game Committee, a lawyer in conjunction, and officials from the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the World Wildlife Fund.

The funds from the HUAP Trust are available to the Namibian Professional Hunting Association’s member’s conservancies and privately owned land.

The principal objective of The HUAP Trust is to be charitable and non-profit making. It aims to implement the administration and logistics of vocational and financial support for elite anti poaching educational training courses, and empowering game guards to be fully equipped throughout communities in Namibian communal areas.

The Trust will as far as legally permissible work closely with and assist the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and other law enforcement agencies of Namibia to implement the necessary structures amongst communities to ensure the effective enforcement of Namibia’s ecological and environmental legislation.

The HUAP Trust is dedicated to educate and create awareness in communities across Namibia to raise the importance of wildlife conservation, and the aesthetic and financial value of the sustainable use of our wildlife. Education and awareness are the first steps to protect, lessen and as far as eliminating the negative impact of poaching and the unlawful use of Namibia’s wildlife.

In the effort to motivate and work together with the Namibian community, the HUAP Trust has established an Informants Rewards Scheme. The scheme is designed with the intention to employ and equip the regular Namibian to assist game guards of MET or the HUAP Trust, the Namibian Police, and any concession holder or owner of privately owned land, to combat poaching and successfully capture poachers. Namibians are rewarded as informants, according to a rewards structure, where the individual provides information, report and open a Police case in regards to any poaching incident, whether big game, small game or illegal trade of Namibian wildlife products

In partnership with the Eagle Rock Hunting Academy, we have sponsored the training of 24 community game guards from rural areas.  The course covered all aspects necessary to monitor human and wildlife movement, as a further initiative towards our aim of completely eliminating poaching in hunting areas where NAPHA members are active.