HUAP Trustees

We are hereby proud to introduce the Hunters United Against Poaching selected board of trustees.

falko-schwarzFalko has been a PH in Namibia since 2002, and in 2011 registered as a Big Game Professional Hunter after years of hunting experience in Namibia, Europe and Southern Africa.
Falko currently holds concession areas in the Caprivi, Bushmanland and North Etosha.
In 2012 he became the Chairperson and an ardent member of NAPHA’s Big Game Committee and is actively involved in anti-poaching campaigns.

Abe Malherbe is an admitted legal practitioner and conveyancer of the High Court of Namibia specialising in commercial matters. Abe was responsible for the registration of the HUAP Trust and serves on the Trust’s governing board as an Independent Trustee. His involvement in the Trust and provision of legal services on a pro bono basis is attributed to his love for Namibia’s wildlife and his commitment to protecting the environment. He believes strongly in public and private sector participation in conservation, especially with regard to the plight of Namibia’s rhinos.

Felix has been a registered professional big game hunter in Namibia since 1996. He has hunted in most of the big game concessions in Namibia, as well as in a number of other African countries.
His dedication to conservation has been his driving force to be actively involved in all aspects of NAPHA and the Namibian hunting industry. Felix has been a member of NAPHA’s Big Game Committee for a number of years and devoted to supporting all efforts to see the end of poaching and illegal trade of Namibia’s wildlife.

Koos Pienaar

Koos started hunting at the age of five and took up professional hunting in 1987. His extensive tracking and hunting experience became his lifestyle and passion, qualifying him to hunt the Big Game concessions of northern Namibia since 1994.
Koos was awarded honorary conservationist by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in 1995, and today is still actively involved in conservation and anti-poaching prevention across the Caprivi, dedicated to preserving Namibia’s wildlife.

colgar-sikopo-850x480.jpgColgar joined the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in 1997 as a ranger responsible for the Anti-Poaching Unit at the Hardap Game Park. In 1999 Colgar moved to Rundu to become Chief Warden for North-East Parks and five years later was promoted to Chief Control Warden for North-East Regional Services.
In 2007 Colgar moved back to Windhoek where he took the position of Deputy Director for Wildlife Management, and in July 2012 was honoured to become the Director of Regional Services and Parks Management. Colgar has been an unmeasurable asset for MET, a driving force for numerous conservation and anti-poaching campaigns throughout his career.


Danene is one of only a few qualified female professional hunters in Namibia, and the first female dangerous game PH ever to qualify in Namibia. Her passion for fair and ethical hunting has amplified her stand with numerous conservation and anti-poaching organisations over the past years. Danene is the President of NAPHA and Chairperson of Outfitters and Professional Hunting Associations of Africa (OPHAA).